The Preliminary Program is available, and it looks terrific. Thank you  to all contributors. Now, please register! Looking forward to a wonderful conference!


April 25

16:00   Welcome

16:30   Plenary opening Lecture.

Aurora Luque, poet: “Pandora’s New Box: Personal and Political Myths”

17:30   Coffee Break

18:00   Session 1. Chair: TBA

James Papoutsis, York U.: “Annie Finch, New Formalism, and American Yuppie Poetry of the 1980s”

Robin Tremblay-McGaw, Santa Clara U.: “‘Scarcely silent though often unheard’: Eurydice and Echo in the Poems of Harryette Mullen and Kathleen Fraser”


April 26 

9:00     Session 2. Chair:  TBA

Barbara Dell’Abate-Çelebi, Beykent U.: “Feminist Re-vision of the Myth of Penelope”

Paul Michael Whitfield, San Francisco State U.: “Let the Nectar Mixed with Good Cheer: Sappho and Skepticism”

Melania Stancu, U. Bucharest: “Mythology and everyday life in Ana Blandiana´s poetry”

Eléonore Berger, U. Paris III: “A thousand voices in one: Intimacy and myth in the poetical treatment of humiliation in Angelica Liddell’s work”

11:00   Coffee Break

11:30 Plenary Lecture, Robert Silhol, U. Paris VII: TBA

12:30   Session 3. Chair:  TBA

Stephanie McKenzie, Memorial U.: “Renouncing and Re-writing Myth: Imagining Anew and Employing Feminist Agency in Natalie Diaz’s When My Brother Was an Aztec”

Laura Roberts, Queensland U.: “Contemporary Myth-making and Difference: Reading Warsan Shire with Luce Irigaray”

Sara Torres, Queen Mary U.: “Toward a Corporeal Feminism?: Myth and the Irruption of the Semiotic in Gloria Anzaldúa’s Poetry”

14:00   Lunch

15:30   Parallel Session 4. Chair:  TBA

Antonella Lipscomb, U. Nebrija: “Las voces de Penélope: mito y subversión en la poesía contemporánea femenina”

Laura Sánchez y María Goicoechea, U. Complutense: “El Ciborg español: Voces femeninas en la literatura digital española”

Rosario Guarino, U. Murcia: “Tejer y destejer: tradición y reescritura de mitos clásicos en la poesía de Aurora Saura, Ana Mª Alcaraz y Mª Cruz Agüera”

Mathilde Ferez, U. Complutense: “Clitemnestra o el crimen» de Marguerite Yourcenar: ¿emancipación o pasión de una mujer?”

15:30  Parallel Session 5. Chair:  TBA

Cristina M.Gámez-Fernández, U. Córdoba: “Wanderers, Vagabonds, Seekers and Pilgrims: The Myth of the Quest in Denise Levertov”

Leonor M. Martínez Serrano, U. Córdoba: “Following the Old Stones Skyward: Mythmaking in Gwendolyn MacEwen’s Poetry”

Marián Martínez & Esther Sánchez-Pardo, U. Complutense: “Niedecker’s Allegorical Vision: Re-framing Myth and the Material in Objectivism. A Cross Linguistic-Literary Proposal”

17:30   Coffee Break

18:00   Poetry Reading (poets TBA)


April 27

9:00     Session 6. Chair: Francisco J. Cortés

Francisco J. Cortés, U. Complutense: “Dorothy Parker’s Poetry against Resisting Myths in Women’s Magazines”

Elisa Ortiz, U. Complutense: “Praise be to young Eros who fucks all the girls”: sex, love, and myth in Lenore Kandel’s poetry”

Mayron E. Cantillo, U. Valencia: “Refashioning the Christian Myth of the Apocalypse: Desolation, Repentance and Spiritual Awakening in Michael Field’s Poems of Adoration (1912)”

Mario Millanes, U. Complutense: “Helene Johnson, rara avis del Renacimiento de Harlem: Langston Hughes frente a la nueva mujer afroamericana”

 10:30 Coffee Break

11:00   Session 7. Chair:  TBA

Pilar Sánchez Calle, U. Jaén: “Mythic Subtexts in Margaret Atwood’s The Door (2007)”

Javier Martín Párraga, U. Córdoba: “The Myth of Nature in Canada: M. Atwood’s The Journals of Susanna Moodie

12:30   Session 8. Chair:  TBA

Liz Schoppelrei, Pennsylvania State U.: “Myth through Revision: Nelly Sachs’s “Lieder Vom Abschied,” the Myth of Procne and Philomela, and the Trauma of Compounding Loss”

Hope Jennings, Wright U.: “Voices from the Wilderness: Post/colonial Trauma, Spectral Witness, and Environmental Apocalypse in Margaret Atwood’s “Circe/Mud Poems” and The Journals of Susanna Moodie

Christina Luiggi, Wright U.: “Reclaiming Mythic Sexual Legacies: (De)Colonizing Kinship, Kink, and Creation Myth in Chrystos’s In Her I Am

13:30   Lunch

15:00   Parallel Session 9. Chair:  TBA

José Manuel Rodríguez Herrera, U. Las Palmas: “The Goddess Ishtar in Lesbos: The Transgender Muse in the Poetry of Sylvia Plath and Denise Levertov”

Miriam Fernández-Santiago, U. Granada: “A Post-human Approach to Feminist Myth Re-Vision”

Beatriz Revelles, U. Barcelona: “The cyborg and the goddess: Toni Morrison’s Jandine”

Manuel Botero Camacho, U. Complutense: “Searching for the Myth through A. S. Byatt´s Poets”

15:00  Parallel Session 10. Chair:  TBA

Dolores Juan-Moreno, Clark U.:” From Papyrus To Celluloid: Classical and Contemporary Myths in Aurora Luque’s Poetry”

Maria Elsy Cardona, St. Louis U.: “Poetry and Translation:  Aurora Luque’s Art of Making the Old New”

Josefa Alvarez, Syracuse U.: “Mito y viaje en la poesía de Aurora Luque”

17:00   Coffee Break

17:30   James Womack, poet: “On Eurydice”

18:00   In conversation with Nicole Brossard (with Carmen Mata, U. Autónoma de Madrid)

19:00   Farewell



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